Your support provides meaningful learning experiences to our students in  classrooms each year.

       The sole purpose of The DJs 4 Charity Foundation is to developed programs that create resources, and services for underprivileged children, low-income families, second chance individuals that restore opportunity within the community’s that have been underserved. The foundation has developed innovative STEM programs that will inspire youth and cultivate STEM discovery. Our STEM after school and summer camp programs have been and are still very beneficial to youth for the pass three years. We have partnered with various schools and organizations to bring STEM education to communities that would not have be fortunate enough to have an STEM experience. our curriculum we have witnessed students that had no interest in STEM or any after school programs totally enjoy and be inspired by our fun innovative STEM classes. In these classes we increased the students cognitive ability to understand curriculum structure and purpose as it relates to the real world Engineering Design, project based learning that requires the student to utilize their critical thinking skills learned in class through hands on labs.

         This challenge  to the students was met with no reststrance due to the originality and unorthodox STEM and DJ curriculum. The DJs 4 Charity Foundation STEM after school and summer camp programs provides students with access to STEM education that creates a learning environment to directly addresses the challenges associated with conventional education. Adult courses are offered in the form of professional services focued on employment. We have seen measurable success and we are now seeking to expand our programs to the greater areas, and beyond. We are implemented a goal orientated plan in gaining the necessary funding needed to purchase the software, hardware, and other equipment to utilized in our classes

      With the ideal goal of obtaining a permanent resource facility in each location we can increase the number of activates, and the total amount of people we serve. We have worked with students of various age groups with our after school programs for recreational facilities, schools, and church’s located in the many  areas of Dallas Fort Worth area. There where more students than we could serve and more students wanted to join the classes. These students where from outside of the area and other wise would not receive a innovative STEM curriculum in which we offer. We took the time out to seek others that would love to have a STEM program in there community.  We found  that there are students in many communities that need a STEM program. We Presented a bountiful presentation of our programs and now being our programs are requested by private and public schools, city libraries and recreational systems. We want to meet the students where they are, and for that we are prepared to expand and  expose those students to the high level of innovative STEM education in every geographical area.



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