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 Community Class Offering Survey

Thank you for taking time and interest to fill out the DJs 4 Charity Foundation Community Class Offerings Survey. The DJs 4 Charity Foundation will from here on maintain this ongoing survey to determine your community interest in classes that may be provided at facilities in your community. The list below gives a broad overview of possible classes.  If you think you may be interested in one or more of these classes, please complete this form in its entirety at any time and submit.  
As responses are received and analyzed, classes will be organized as interest warrants.  You will be notified only if your chosen class or classes have received enough participants to meet. Please provide a valid e-mail address so you may receive class offering info, news, and updates. Depending on the extent of the class and the amount of equipment needed some classes will have cost involved. All class costs are estimates, and the costs may be slightly higher or lower based upon the number of participants. 
We will be offering different classes to the community; each class is purposed to deliverer information that might otherwise cost you thousands of dollars in the commercial market. We are actively developing new courses to meet your needs. Our mission is to enlighten and enrich the community by hosting community minded informative business and personal information Q/A seminars and classes.