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Your support provides meaningful learning experiences to our students in  classrooms each year.

Simply, become a Sponsor, a Volunteer, a Vendor, or A Host one of our Fundraiser Events. We love to work with our communities. If your community would like to have us come out and work with a group, on a STEM project, help with a fundraiser, or to start our programs in your community, please contact us via email at We are expanding our services and would love to serve your community. Volunteering is easy, all you have to do browse our site and find an event or program you feel that you can best serve in any capacity. Then just fill out the contact form and submit your interest in what duty you would like to volunteer for. So far we have been partnering with schools, community centers, churches and city organizations to come up with solutions to solve the problems in underserved communities. With this in mind we are recruiting as many volunteers as we can especially to work deeply in the neighborhoods that need economic development. We also, need and would love to have volunteers for the vendor stand operators at the Cowboys stadium in Arlington, and American Airlines center in Dallas, Texas. We receive a portion of the funds collected from the food and beverage sales. These funds are utilized to pay for our summer camps and after school program equipment. The more equipment the more kids we can open an entire new world of STEM education to. So please sign up and subscribe to our email list for further notifications. Help us make a difference everyday.

Bruce Montgomery


DJs 4 Charity Foundation

Starting an Independent Robots Challenge
With dozens of children not able to experiencing STEM education, our team has sought to register volunteers, and sponsors to bring a innovative STEM/STEAM hands on learning experiences that will give kids from all walks of life an opportunity to actually work as an engineering team. With the goals directed toward technological accomplishments . So far it’s in its infancy and growing with more registered volunteers, and sponsorship.

Partnering with others organizations
We strive to reach out to help other organizations increase their visibility and donations by partnering with them to help raise awareness and funds that benefit both organization goals. We partner with local pro sports teams to raise fund as well.

Curriculum implementation
Working with volunteers, accompanied by staff members, we have been using our curriculum to integrate STEM with there state and local educatation compliance. Iplementing STEM into each and every classrooms.

Expanding education
We have a multitude of experience on our advisory board. We take the initiative to teach a number of classes to community leaders and share  the importance of STEM education with different communities.

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Founded: 2011

Executive Director: Bruce Montgomery


Areas of expertise: 
STEM education, curriculum,  technology, film, music and management,  philanthropy, fundraising

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Children in many communities do not have access to STEM education. One direct factor, which drains the opportunity and growth is  simply not being prepared to create opportunity for themselves. The lack of future knowledge being shared with the youth in these underserved communities is what we are trying to increase. We know this information is vital to the success of these children, and we are working to spark interest in STEM carriers abound. With your can help we can increase the flow of valuable information to the youth in these communities. We have a simple mission:  it is not enough to just let a student experience STEM education, but it is imperative to teach the students how to utilize Stem innovation to achieve and maintain success in life.
Bruce Montgomery

DJs 4 Charity Foundation

We have been working on extending our reach into the community, Here are our office locations thus far. We are planning to open more as we grow . Hoping to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us


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