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As an Electrical Engineer Bruce had to approach his creative outlet quite differently because of his life experiences. He has a passion for all things STEAM and strives to create educational curriculum that is all hands on, yet innovative and entertaining as well. With a his degrees in Electronic Engineering Technology, Pre Engineering Robotics, Business Management Technology and a MEd in STEM Education and Curriculum Bruce is a frequent contributor to the DJS4C Tech Blog and has a business as a independent technology consultant. He has also consulted many technology driven businesses, nonprofit organizations, school districts, and private charter school boards. Outside of IMPACT, he is a well-versed culture buff, a professional DJ and a fierce advocate of the idea that as a DJ you can fix everything it in the mix!

Words from Bruce

II knew from childhood that the path I wanted to follow was not conventional in my hometown. My vision was sparked from pure necessity and the sheer willingness to believe that you can have the life you wanted.  I knew in my heart I did not have to be statistic. Being raised in a single parent home I had no clue as to where this desire to learn came from. My natural curiosity got the best of me and as a child I would dissemble all my electronic toys. I wanted to see how they functioned only to put them back together and reconfigure their purpose. I would mow lawns and recycle cans, so I could earn enough money to buy basic electronic books from Radio Shack and from that I thought myself all about soldering and circuit boards. The end result was a self-sufficient electronic repair kid who would repaired his own DJ equipment and make a small profit repairing everyone’s Lasonic boom box in the neighborhood. All in all, this drive became a necessity and my quest for knowledge.

 My quest to understand how electronics where built and designed led me to realize I needed a higher level of education. Like many from my neighborhood the only way I knew to achieve this was to attend college.  This dream was far from a conceptual reality. Once again, I was driven by my desire to do what seemed impossible and after many years of trial and error I found a way out. After high school, I joined the ARMY, so I could afford college and pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology.  I finished my tour and I was off to college. At Southern University, I was inspired by what innovative technology could do to change the world and the conditions that affect the people who live in it. My professors some of whom were Veterans related theory to reality and open my eyes to what a great circuit design could do to change the world for the better. I then decided that one day I would create opportunity and inspire more youth from neighborhoods like mine by offering support and encouragement to turn that interest in technology into a career. This is a dream that has come true and now I can give the gift that comes from the world of technology to the next generation through STEM education programs. I will always be there teaching, supporting, leading in community outreach, writing grants, engaging donors and advocating for the children and communities we serve.”

 Bruce has spent over five years advocating for children, and their families through providing STEM educational curriculum services, and supporting many after school programs. He still volunteers with various community level organizations and requires his staff to maintain a certain number of volunteering hours a month. His work with Texas school districts and charter schools, helped to create a new innovative STEM system in which children thrive using music and technology. As founder of The DJs 4 Charity Foundation, Bruce Montgomery will support his board by building a methodology designed to support the child’s innovative academic development.mery will support his board and  by building a methodology designed to supports the child’s innovative academic development.

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